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Barbara Rose Brooker, Founder


At 83, Brooker hopes that the Age March Movement will change our ageist generation into a new and exciting generation where age doesn’t matter. Where ageism will fade into the past. Where AGE EQUALITY will exist in the work place, financial equality, and political voice. “Don’t be invisible,” she says. “Don’t be put out to pasture. Men aren’t!”


Barbara Rose Brooker earned her MFA in creative writing. At fifty, she published her first novel, So Long Princess, Morrow. Since, she has published poetry, journalism, columns, and 13 books. Currently, slated for 2018, her novel The Viagra Diaries, Simon & Schuster is being made into a one hour TV pilot with the CW network. The past five years she has written Boomer In The City for the J Weekly and for the Huffington Post.  She wrote Two To Tango, a seventy minute script about a sixty five year old woman looking for love. At the SF prestigious Commonwealth Club, she performed a solo performance based on the script. She has appeared on The Talk with Sharon Osbourne, The Today Show, Entertainment Tonight, Watch What Happens With Andy Cohen, ET, SF Focus, and many other radio and national TV shows.  

Barbara Rose on Ageism

Events & Appearances:


Dec. 13, 2020 -  Michelle Meow Show (CBS)

Barbara discusses her novel, ageism in the media, and  the meaning of love in our culture, on the Michelle Meow local TV show 

Jan 28, 2020 - 4 O'clock News KGO (ABC) Channel 7

Debut of Barbara's new novel Love, Sometimes and discusses ageism in our anti-age culture.


Feb. 1, 2020- Book Passage/Corte Madera, CA 

Lunch party for book-reading, signing


Feb. 10, 2020 -  Institute on Aging,  San Francisco, CA 

Speaking on Ageism as “Age Is The New Designer Drug”.


Feb. 19, 2020 - SF Commonwealth Club, San Francisco, CA

Speaking on Ageism as "Age is The New Designer Drug," and ageism in the Media and Hollywood industry, and reading from her new novel, Love Sometimes. 


Feb 21, 2020-EXTRA/TV 


Feb 24, 2020 - Book Soup, Los Angeles, CA 

Barbara will be signings books and reading in Los Angeles at the prestigious Book Soup.


Feb 27, 2020 - Orinda Books, Orinda, CA

Reading, luncheon, and signing from her new novel, Love Sometimes. 


April 13, 2020 - TNN- Women In Transition, San Francisco, CA

Speaking & signing.


More to come. TV dates pending: CBS, Channel 4, Fox, Channel 2- Hoda, Terry Gross-  Stay tuned for updates!  Love Sometimes will be sold in all major book stores.  The Viagra Diaries will be on air 2021.

Candiece Milford

Aegism, like any “ism,” is divisive and focuses on differences rather than what we share being human.  AgeEquality asks us to lay down our prejudices about youth, middle age, and older adults to relate instead, to a person as a summation of their unique personality, experience, talents and interests.

Instead of viewing people through the viewfinder of age, AgeEquality is a movement that believes that age is a very poor measure of a person’s worth – in fact, they are two unrelated concepts.

So we ask people to throw away the glasses of prejudice and replace them with the clarity of a new vision of the uniqueness of each individual for who they are - not their age, whether it’s 16 or 96. This is how we can improve our culture as a whole, our workplaces, our interactions, and to access the untapped creativity and intelligence of the entire person.

Candiece Milford is the Managing Director of Marketing for Rhoda Goldman Plaza in San Francisco and has worked in the aging space for over a decade. She is a passionate AgeEquality advocate, has participated in the Commonwealth Club’s “Grown Ups Forum for 10 years,”  a participant and sponsor of Mary Furlong’s “Boomer Summit,” and has participated in past Age Marchs.

Janet Gallin

Has been enjoying a long career of speech and presentation writing, giving one-of-a-kind workshops on the art of writing a perfect love letter, and is the host of the talk show Love Letters Live


Love Letters Live Talk Show


Eileen Williams

Mary Eileen Williams, M.A., N.C.C.C.  Her book, Land the Job You Love: 10 Surefire Strategies for Jobseekers Over 50 provides mature applicants with the critical information they will need to successfully navigate today’s competitive job market.  Eileen is an active contributor to the Huffington Post, writing job search articles for Huff/Post 50.  Eileen is the host of the popular radio show, Feisty Side of Fifty Radio