Everything is possible at any age.  Ageism must stop.  Women must stop defining themselves by age.


Martin Luther King said he had a dream that all people would be judged by the content of their character rather than the color of their skin. My idea for Age March began a few years ago with a dream. I dreamed that there would be no age discrimination or segregation, and men and women of all ages, races, and sexual preferences marched to celebrate their age and protest against age discrimination. I led the marchers with several men and women over sixty, holding a giant red “Age March” banner. Accompanied by jazz musicians, we marched a mile as we chanted, “Celebrate your age! Don’t lie about it!” Soon after, I awoke from the dream, and began creating the first Age March in 2010. First, I formed a committee of helpful friends. We faced many obstacles, like having low funds and potential donors. I was told that our culture is not interested in “old.” I was horrified.  We worked for over a year, learning as we went along.

A year later, 2010, my first Age March was in San Francisco. It was a rainy day and deep fog covered Chrissy Field like a gray coat. Like in my dream, we marched to jazz music, the crowd chanting, “Celebrate your age! Don’t lie about it!” I marched in front with committee members, holding a giant red banner with “Age March” printed in gold letters. As we arrived at the end, the fog lifted, and a rainbow appeared. I’m sure it was a message of hope and inspiration for future generations where no one because of age will be rejected in an interview, or lose a job.

In 2013 I had an age march in Los Angeles. In 2016 an age march. When I was at the Woman's March, it dawned on me to expand my age march into a global movement. I contacted Renee McKenna, the organizer of the Bay Area Woman's March. She agreed. My colleague Janet Gallin suggested to call the march the age equality movement. "It's a world movement," she said. I agreed. Candiece Milford, who made the numbers for the 2016 march and who is tirelessly devoted to this movement is beyond instrumental in putting this movement together. Tara Cortez is not only devoted to the marches but has designed this website and works constantly on helping us.

Age will not matter. We matter. Only then anything is possible. “Age is NOT a number. It’s who you are. It’s living to the fullest!” Barbara Rose Brooker, founder, insists.