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Story of Age March 

Barbara Rose Brooker/Founder 



Be Age Magnificent! Everything is possible at ANY age. Age is a gift and we all age differently. It is not a one size fits all.  "I am 84 and just beginning,” Founder Barbara Rose Brooker says.  

Martin Luther King said he had a dream that all people would be judged by their character rather than the color of their skin.  Barbara’s idea for Age March began in 2009 with a dream. "I dreamed that no human being, whether twenty of ninety, or sixteen, no matter what age, race, gender, sexuality, would be defined by their age. The age march would celebrate Age Pride for ALL ages, and promote a PRO-AGE generation where all ages blend, work together, and can respect each other, learn from one another, and be together." 


In 2010, Barbara produced her first Age March in her native San Francisco. It was a grass roots difficult endeavor but over four hundred men and women of all ages, marched to music, chants, and carried signs and slogans (I have press videos of these marches) "I produced four more marches, one in LA, up to the last one in 2018 in SF. I had a small committee and we worked tirelessly trying to get the message out there. It was hard."  


After the pandemic, Barbara decided to have a global virtual Age March. Bonnie Marcus, an author, coach and age activist, got REVITALASH as a sponsor. "As a result, we have a team of Hollywood producers producing the first AgeMarch/Age Magnificent event in March 27th, 2021." 


"AGEMARCH/AGEMAGNIFICENT is not an event! It's a movement! Let’s all join together and support this historical march and make it for all ages.  Create a new culture where age discrimination, segregation, age shaming, stereotyping no longer exists."


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